LaBourjoisie – 2015 Special Edition Collection

Lebanese based fashion house LaBourjoisie recently released a Special Edition collection that is sure to make heads turn!

The collection includes many form fitting silhouettes and sheer designs, which have all been very trendy on the red carpet this year. Head designer, Antoine Salame also made sure to stay true to their stylish roots by including very luxurious embroideries and intricate details. This collection also offers various styles including long and short gowns, as well as some pantsuits.

Be sure to check out some highlights from the collection below or see the full collection on the LaBourjoisie website here.


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The middle eastern fashion house, LaBourjoisie designs and manufactures their pieces in house with direction from Antoine Salameh, 35, the head designer and founder of LaBourjoisie. With a love for fashion, his passion led him to the CAMM Fashion Academy in Beirut, where he later went on to establish LaBourjoisie in 2002.

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